Ankama Mobile

A small and therefore reactive team, total creative freedom, risk-taking highly encouraged – that’s what being part of the mobile game unit is all about! Recently formed, the former Mini-Game unit builds on its members’ expertise in… mobile gaming.

Graphic Designer

Our Graphic Designers imagine, then create all art assets in our games. From the smallest pebble to the final Boss, along with all of the game’s interface, everything is done by them!

Concept art made by Graphic Designers frequently serve as basis to inspire the Game Designers. 

Game Designer

‘GDs’ imagine the rules of our games, their mecanics, their restrictions and how they are played. They try to create the most enjoyable experience for the players. 

In our team, they also double up as Level Designers and build the games’ different levels as well. 


‘Devs’ have the harduous task of coding our games. They aim to deliver to the players an experience as close to the GD’s designs as possible. 

They also implement the Graphic Designers’ assets into the game, and develop practical tools for our Game Designers. 

Community Manager

Community Managers are the link between the players and the development team. 

They’re in charge of social media and app stores, they recruit Alpha and Beta testers, they assist marketing and communication services about our games and do customer service.  

Our Lead (and Developer)


Wakfu The Brotherhood, Nindash, DTS, Dofus Pets, Cosmobot

Our Graphics Designers


Wakfu The Brotherhood, Nindash, Cosmobot



Our Game Designer


Wakfu The Brotherhood, Nindash, DTS, Cosmobot

Our Developers


Tactile Wars, DTS

Thomas Dev

Wakfu The Brotherhood, Tactile Wars, Dofus Pets, Nindash, Cosmobot

Our Community Managers