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[Beta] The end of the first contest

[Mecanette’s diary: day 14] *Hey, this Dictaphone is kinda cool, in the end* They were so much good perf’ last week. Many pilots managed to crash their Cosmobots on the last meteor. Morius even reached a distance of 58 515m! I’m gonna put him in contact ASAP with Sephy, our lead mechanic, to create his…
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Cosmobot : the Beta is on the launch way !

[Mecanette’s diary: day 1] *Why do they want me to talk in a dictaphone? …* Our greenhorns have received an email, their test phase begins. I can’t wait to see how many Cosmobots they will crash… But I’m in way less hurry to repair them. Meh! Every job has a crappy side… Come to think…
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